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Keeping your dog healthy has never been easier

B ecause dogs are family. That's why we offer easy monthly deliveries of the essentials you need to care for your dog

Great question! Our health memberships are a very easy way to receive the essentials you need to keep your dog healthy.


When you sign up, we send you a package with a one month supply of Advocate treatment and very healthy treats for your dog. Then, next month we send the next package. And we do this until you tell us to stop!  


This works for the following reasons:

  • You never need to remember to give your dog the Advocate treatment. We do that for you. All you have to do is give the dose to your dog when you receive your package, and you’ll always be covered.
  • Each month you’ll get some fresh, healthy treats for your dog. You’ll never need to buy them at the supermarket again, which is great because our treats are preservative and grain free, and made lovingly in Australia.

Each month you will receive:

  • A month's worth of veyr healthy treats for your dog. Usually this equates to about 200 grams, but this may increase or decrease depending on the treats for that month.  
  • A monthly dose of Advocate Flea, Tick & Heartworm treatment, suitable for your dog's size

It’s simple:

  • Sign up and you’ll receive your first box within a week
  • We then bill you on the same day the next month, and ship your box as soon as we bill you
  • We continue this pattern unless you tell us to stop or you want to change something (which you can easily do)

Prevention is far better than the cure. Parasites can cause you and your dog serious discomfort, and some can be fatal for dogs.


Without flea treatment, your dog could become home to fleas, which means your house has become home to fleas. A single flea can lay 50 eggs a day. And only adult fleas are visible to the naked eye, meaning your dog could be leaving flea larvae in your carpet, in your bedding and all around your house. These larvae then hatch in 1 - 10 days.


If you wait until your dog has fleas, and then give this type of treatment, it can weeks for the infestation to clear. That’s weeks of not only your dog having fleas but those fleas living in your house.


Fleas can cause the following health problems in dogs:

  • Dermatitis
  • Anemia
  • Tapeworms
  • Skin infections
  • Serious blood loss
  • Severe weakness


Heartworms and other worms, such as roundworms, can cause death in dogs, as well as a whole range of other symptoms. You definitely want to be protected against these nasties before they take hold.


If you think your dog is infected with any type of worms, we recommend you contact your vet immediately.

It’s easy to switch. The only rule is that if you have just given your dog an oral dose of treatment (tablet or chew) you need to wait at least 7 days before giving them Advocate. If you have any questions about this just email us at and we can help.


By the way, we recommend switching to Advocate for a number of reasons:

  • It’s an external treatment that kills parasites when they make contact with your dog’s fur. With tablets and chews you have to wait for the dog to be bitten by the parasite for it to die. Advocate avoids the need to be bitten by killing the parasite straight away.
  • It takes only a few seconds to apply a month’s worth of protection, and there’s no need to hide it in food or force it down your dog’s throat
  • It has serious protection, and covers your dog for fleas, heart worms and all types of other worms

We definitely recommend consulting your vet first. If your vet gives your dog the all clear, then come back to us and place an order. You’ll get full instructions on how to apply the treatment with each monthly package.

Ticks are nasty. Advocate doesn’t offer tick protection but speak to our team about getting extra tick protection included in your box for the months of the year when you need it. If you’re unsure if you need tick protection, get in touch and we can talk you through it. The best way to reach us is

Place your order and then email us at We can delay your shipment to a time that best suits you, which in this case would be for when your dog is due for his or her next dose of treatment.

Great question! Our flagship product is a box of dog toys and dog treats, delivered each month. These Health Memberships are a box of treats and Advocate treatment delivered each month.


If you want toys delivered with your Health Membership, we can hook you up. Just email us at and we’ll customise your membership for you.


If you’re a current Waggly Club member and want to add Advocate to your box, you can also email and we can talk you through it.

We would love to help! Common changes are:

  • Changing shipping address
  • Changing credit card details
  • Changing dog size (for growing dogs)
  • Adding extra dogs
  • Skipping a month cos you’re going on holidays
  • Cancelling because you don’t need the service any more


We can process any or all of these changes for you if you just email us at Please just give us 72 hours notice before you need the change to come into effect.

There are no minimum memberships lengths, so you can cancel whenever you like. However, we do require 48 hours notice before your next billing date to ensure your cancellation is processed on time. Just email and we’ll take care of it.

Just email us at and we’ll guide you through the process to provide a new credit card.

Shipping is a flat rate of $7.95 anywhere in Australia. If you order two (or more) health memberships to the same address, shipping is free!

Woohoo! Lucky you! We can all do with more dogs in our lives. We’re working to introduce memberships for households with multiple dogs but don’t have these changes on our website just yet.


However, we can definitely put a package together for you. Just place an order for one of your dogs and then email our friendly customer service team to add another dog to your subscription. And as a bonus we’ll waive the shipping fee for households receiving two or more memberships each month