With Halloween and Christmas just around the corner, it's the perfect time to try a Waggly Club box. Great as gifts for your pup or their friends, these boxes are filled to the brim with seasonal surprises!

Why a Waggly Club Box?

Whether your dog loves a snuggle or is a toy-destroyer, we have you covered! Waggly Club's Mystery Boxes are all curated to suit the play style of your pup. Choose between our 4 box types (Puppy, Original, Active or Power Chewer) and receive a totally pawsome box of toys and treats at your doorstep. These boxes also include a bonus seasonal bandana to really show off your holiday spirit. All boxes are lovingly packed in our Melbourne warehouse and shipped FREE to you. What's not to love!

Which box is right for my dog?

Puppy - for dogs younger than 12 months. Featuring a range of carefully selected puppy-safe toys to keep your fur baby stimulated and entertained. Treats included are all breakable or bite-sized pieces, great for use during training, and contain only 100% meat sourced in Australia.

Original - for the dog that likes a bit of everything, the toys in the Original box are ideal for both snuggles and play time. Healthy, 100% natural Aussie-made treats are great as a training reward or a quick snack.

Active - for the energetic, playful dog that may get a bit excited when it comes to toys. Expect to see tough, stuffing-free toys for longer-lasting and mess-free play. Healthy, natural chew treats help keep your dog entertained for longer and smaller treats are also included for a quick reward.

Power Chewer - for the roughest and toughest of canines, this is the box for any dog who has the insatiable need to chew. Distract your dog's attention away from your couch and shoes with a solid, near-indestructible toy that will keep them going on and on. Healthy, natural chew treats keep their teeth busy and minds active and help keep your furniture safe from their chompers!

All boxes also come with a bonus seasonal bandana accessory, and are shipped FREE across Australia.

Double the boxes, double the fun! Get a Howl-O-Ween AND a Christmas Waggly Club Box together and save $10!

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