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DuraMax Dumbbell

DuraMax Dumbbell

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Providing enrichment through play, chewing and interactive toys helps to reduce boredom and can be a powerful tool in addressing behavioural problems such as separation anxiety. Made to endure and satisfy those dogs that want to chew all day long, the KONG DuraMax Dumbbell features extra tough materials. 

Constructed with the ultra-durable KONG-crafted K-100 material, this toy has enough flex to make it irresistibly satisfying while also durable enough to stand up to long-lasting chew sessions. 

Dogs delight in the feel of the textured surface and ridges that have the added benefit of helping clean teeth. A squeaker adds to the fun and keeps dogs engaged for long-lasting chew and play sessions.

Durable chew toy
Flexible and durable
Contains a fun squeaker
Great for for cleaning the teeth
Helps keep your dog occupied and out of mischief!

Note: No toy is indestructible. Your puppy should always be supervised when playing with toys. Damaged toys should be removed and discarded.

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