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Fish Jerky

Fish Jerky

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Just like the flake you eat, our fish jerky is made from Aussie Flake.? Naturally high in Omega-3,? which? is essential in helping maintain healthy bones and skin.

These treats are sustainable sourced using off-cuts of human-grade flake.

Omega-3 is recommended to include or increase in your dog's diet if your dog exhibits any of the following behaviours (which can be caused by a deficiency)

  • Excessive licking of paws
  • Excessive scratching from allergies
  • Itchy, dry or flaky skin
  • Joint inflammation

Fish jerky is great as a quick snack and perfect for a high value training treat.

Like all of our other treats, these are grain-free, preservative-free and all-natural.? They're also pretty stinky, but dogs are into that!

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