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Pacifier Squeak

Pacifier Squeak

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Your friends and family may already poke fun at how much you coddle your puppy, so why not achieve the full furbaby experience with an adorable doggy pacifier! Made with durable rubber to soothe teething pain, these Ruff Play toys are ideal for puppies looking for something to chomp on. And, that attention-grabbing squeaker is sure to appeal to all that puppy energy! Whether you've got a playful pup or an adult who will always be a puppy in your heart, spoil them silly with the Pacifier Squeak.

  • Durable rubber material
  • Easy on teeth and gums
  • Perfect size for puppies and small dogs

Measurements: Small - 7.5 cm long, Large 10 cm long

Note: No toy is indestructible. Your puppy should always be supervised when playing with toys. Damaged toys should be removed and discarded.

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