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Waggly Duraplay Dracula Dog Toy

Waggly Duraplay Dracula Dog Toy

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Waggly's very own Duraplay Dracula Dog Toy is ready for whatever your little monster can throw at it. With durable construction to withstand your doggo’s fierce fangs, and a squeaker, it’s bound to offer hours of fun. The Waggly Duraplay Dracula Dog Toy, as part of the Spooky collection, offers a durable, safe, and entertaining play experience for your canine companion, especially during Halloween or any spooky-themed occasion. Here are its key features:

Key Features

  • Tough Stitching: Constructed with reinforced stitching, the toy ensures durability and resilience, capable of withstanding rough play and extended use. This feature enhances its longevity, making it suitable for dogs who love to chew and tug. No
  • Stuffing: Similar to other toys in the Duraplay line, the Dracula Dog Toy is designed without any stuffing. This eliminates the risk of ingestion and mess associated with traditional plush toys, promoting a safer play experience for your pet.
  • Squeaker: The toy includes a squeaker, adding an interactive element to playtime. The squeaking sound stimulates your dog's natural instincts and encourages active engagement, making playtime more enjoyable and stimulating.
  • Rope: In addition to the squeaker, the toy features a rope component. The rope provides additional texture for your dog to chew on and tug, promoting dental health and satisfying their natural chewing instincts.
  • Dracula Design: As part of the Spooky collection, the Dracula Dog Toy likely features a design resembling the iconic vampire character, Dracula in his Bat form. With its bright colours purple & Lime this spooky-themed design adds visual appeal and excitement to playtime, creating a festive atmosphere for Halloween or other themed occasions.
  • Overall, the Waggly Duraplay Dracula Dog Toy from the Spooky collection combines durability, safety, and seasonal fun, making it an excellent choice for Halloween-themed playtime with your furry friend.

Pet Suitability & Toy Care:

  • Suitable for all dogs
  • Spot clean or hand wash with mild detergent


  • Fabric
  • Squeaker
  • Rope

Safety Information:

No accessory or toy is indestructible. We recommend that you supervise your pet with new items, check them regularly for signs of damage or loose parts and remove them if small enough to be ingested.

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