About Us

“On a mission to set tails wagging across Australia.”

“Spreading joy, one tail at a time, across the vast landscapes of Australia.”

Let’s introduce Maggie. Maggie embodies the spirit of Waggly, inspiring its creation. Founder Kate's journey with Maggie sparked the inception of Waggly, a venture dedicated to aiding dog owners in keeping their furry companions entertained and nourished.

Life often whirls in a frenzy, especially when juggling the well-being of our pets alongside human responsibilities, sometimes resembling a chaotic circus (both figuratively and literally).

Enter Waggly Club, our beacon of assistance. Waggly Club extends a helping paw by offering a tailored subscription service—a delightful box of toys and treats dispatched to your doorstep monthly. Crafted to enhance play, mental stimulation, and nutritional balance, each box is customized to cater to your dog's specific needs.

While tailored subscriptions cater to various canine lifestyles, from playful puppies to avid chewers, the true enchantment lies in the element of surprise. Anticipation fills both pup and owner as they eagerly await the arrival of their next box, never quite knowing which treasures await inside.

From humble beginnings in Kate's garage to the bustling warehouse in Melbourne, Waggly now dispatches over 6000 boxes monthly, enriching the lives of countless canines across Australia. 

Buoyed by this success, Kate expanded Waggly’s offerings with the introduction of Waggly Shop—an online emporium catering to all things 'dog'. Our virtual shelves brim with an array of canine delights, sourced from top-tier brands like FuzzYard, Kong, Zippy Paws, and many more.

Furthermore, the shop proudly presents our exclusive Waggly collection, featuring a diverse range of toys, bedding, accessories, treats, and beyond. Each product is meticulously crafted, drawing inspiration from years of invaluable feedback provided by our loyal and trusted customers.

Waggly Snacks—a delectable range crafted right here in Australia. These treats, air-dried to preserve their natural goodness, are single-ingredient treats, free from preservatives, sugars, grains, chemicals, or fillers. They offer not only wholesome nourishment for your furry companion but also peace of mind for you.

Our Mission

Simply put: to set tails wagging across Australia.

Waggly proudly stands as a member of the Mad Paws family, a collective driven by a shared passion for dogs and a common mission to promote the health and happiness of Australian canines. Our dedicated team, composed of fellow dog owners and enthusiasts, is committed to supporting dog owners by ensuring they have access to all the essentials their beloved companions need—from toys to treats and beyond.

At Waggly, we embrace dogs of every age, breed, and size with open arms, catering to the diverse needs and preferences of our furry friends.

It is our privilege at Waggly to contribute, albeit in a small way, to the well-being and joy of your canine companion.

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