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Aussie Outback Bundle

Aussie Outback Bundle

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The "Waggly Outback Playmates Dog Toy Bundle" brings the spirit of the Australian Outback to playtime with a variety of fun and engaging toys. Here's a description of each item in the bundle:

  • Platypus Plush Dog Toy: This adorable plush toy features a platypus design, complete with a soft and cuddly exterior. Its whimsical appearance is sure to capture your dog's attention, making it an ideal companion for both playtime and snuggling.
  • Koala Plush & Crinkle Dog Toy: The Koala plush toy not only offers a cute and huggable design but also includes a crinkle feature that adds an extra element of excitement to playtime. The crinkle sound stimulates your dog's senses, encouraging active play and exploration.
  • Hedgehog Plush Dog Toy: This hedgehog plush toy is perfect for dogs who love to cuddle and carry their toys around. Its soft and fuzzy exterior mimics the texture of a real hedgehog, providing comfort and companionship during play.
    Waggly 2-in-1 Koala Ball Dog Toy: This innovative toy combines a spiky ball nestled within an adorable koala-designed cover, offering double the fun and excitement. The spiky texture of the ball adds an extra dimension to playtime, encouraging chewing and interactive play.
  • Crocodile Sitting Rubber Squeaker Dog Toy: The crocodile toy is made of durable rubber and includes a squeaker for added entertainment. Its realistic crocodile design adds a touch of adventure to playtime, while the squeaker stimulates your dog's natural instincts to chase and hunt.
  • Wombat Plush Dog Toy: The wombat plush toy offers a cute and cuddly companion for your dog. Its soft material and adorable design make it perfect for snuggling, while its compact size makes it easy for dogs to carry around and play with.
  • Crocodile Rubber Squeaker Dog Toy: Similar to the sitting crocodile toy, this rubber squeaker toy features a crocodile design and includes a squeaker for added fun. Its durable construction makes it suitable for hours of play, while its realistic appearance adds excitement to your dog's playtime.
    With the "Waggly Outback Playmates Dog Toy Bundle," your furry friend will enjoy a variety of toys inspired by the wonders of the Australian Outback, providing endless entertainment and companionship during playtime.
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