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Lamb Puff Cubes

Lamb Puff Cubes

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100% Australian Lamb Lung

Lamb Puff cubes are a favourite for use during training or for a quick snack for dogs of all sizes. They are less dense than liver treats, making this a much lighter, less dense treat to reward your dog with. These treats are crunchy, tasty, and full of protein to help maintain healthy muscle and keep fit.

This product is from 100% quality Australian lamb, a low fat and tasty protein. 

-Made from 100% Australian Lamb
-No preservatives, additives or chemicals
-No added sugars or grains ? only healthy stuff inside! 

Your dog should always be supervised when playing with toys or feeding on treats. Our treats are an air-dried, natural product that may vary in shape and colour. If you like, you can soften them by soaking in water. If you are unsure about a product, consult your vet.

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