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Waggly Duraplay Hopster Dog Toy

Waggly Duraplay Hopster Dog Toy

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Say hello your pup’s new playful pal Waggly's very own Duraplay Hopster Dog Toy. Made with durable materials and stitching - and no stuffing - this squeaking toy is perfect for those who love to chew, play, tug or fetch. The Waggly Duraplay Hopster Dog Toy, as part of the Easter Tail Waggers collection, offers a delightful and durable play experience for your furry friend during the Easter season or all year round. 

Key Features

  • Tough Stitching: Crafted with reinforced stitching, the toy ensures durability and longevity, capable of withstanding vigorous play sessions. This feature makes it ideal for dogs who enjoy chewing and tugging.
  • No Stuffing: Like other toys in the Duraplay line, the Hopster Dog Toy is designed without any stuffing, reducing the risk of mess and potential health hazards associated with ingesting stuffing material. This promotes a safer play experience for your pet.
  • Squeaker: Equipped with a squeaker, the toy adds an interactive element to playtime, enticing your dog's natural instincts and keeping them engaged and entertained. The squeaking sound encourages active play and stimulates your pet's curiosity.
  • Hopster Design: As part of the Easter Tail Waggers collection, the Hopster Dog Toy likely features a festive design resembling a hopping Easter-themed bunny. This adds a touch of seasonal charm and excitement to your dog's playtime.
  • Overall, the Waggly Duraplay Hopster Dog Toy from the Easter Tail Waggers collection combines durability, safety, and seasonal fun, making it an excellent choice for Easter-themed playtime with your furry companion.

Pet Suitability & Toy Care:

  • Suitable for all dogs
  • Spot clean or hand wash with mild detergent


  • Fabric
  • Squeaker
  • Rope

Safety Information:

No accessory or toy is indestructible. We recommend that you supervise your pet with new items, check them regularly for signs of damage or loose parts and remove them if small enough to be ingested.

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