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Waggly DuraPlay Santa Dog Toy

Waggly DuraPlay Santa Dog Toy

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Gifts arrive everyday with your dogs very own Waggly DuraPlay Santa Dog Toy, features extra tough stitching, thicker soft fabric and no stuffing for no mess play. Designed to withstand every inch of their sharp puppy fangs! And, it’s internal squeaker transforms playtime. The Waggly DuraPlay Santa Dog Toy is designed to bring joy and entertainment to your furry friend during the festive season or all year round while prioritizing durability and safety. Here are its key features:

Key Features

  • Tough Stitching: Similar to other toys in the DuraPlay line, this toy is constructed with reinforced stitching to withstand rough play. This feature ensures that the toy remains intact even during vigorous chewing and tugging sessions, enhancing its longevity.
  • No Stuffing: Just like its counterparts, the Santa Dog Toy is designed without any stuffing. This eliminates the risk of mess and potential health hazards associated with ingesting stuffing material, offering peace of mind to pet owners.
  • Squeaker: The toy contains a squeaker, which adds an element of fun and excitement to playtime. The squeaking sound appeals to a dog's natural instincts, encouraging engagement and activity.
  • Santa Claus Design: As the name suggests, this toy features a festive Santa Claus design, making it perfect for the holiday season. It may resemble Santa's iconic red suit, hat, and white beard, adding a cheerful and festive touch to your dog's playtime.
  • Overall, the Waggly DuraPlay Santa Dog Toy combines festive charm with durability and safety, making it an ideal choice for bringing holiday cheer to your furry friend's playtime.

Pet Suitability & Toy Care:

  • Suitable for all dogs
  • Spot clean or hand wash with mild detergent


  • Fabric
  • Squeaker

Safety Information:

No accessory or toy is indestructible. We recommend that you supervise your pet with new items, check them regularly for signs of damage or loose parts and remove them if small enough to be ingested.

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